Scouting Report

Every successful competitor needs a support system. A parent. A teacher. A coach. Selecting a college is hard enough, but add the complexity of being a student athlete and it can seem overwhelming.

College Ready Playbook’s goal is to assist High School Student Athletes and their parents navigate the NCAA Eligibility requirements.

In order to compete at the collegiate level in any sport, the NCAA has specific criteria that must be met.  Core courses, GPA, test scores, amateurism — just a few of the buzz words that need to be deciphered and understood.

College Ready Playbook, can make it clear. With over 20 years of Division I coaching experience, extensive knowledge and connections College Ready Playbook can prepare you for the next level of competition. Navigating NCAA Eligibility rules, tracking updates on changes that affect athletes, and giving you a step-by-step plan to ensure eligibility.

The right fit makes all the difference.  What is important to you?  Being big fish in a little pond or a national spot light school?  Where is the best college experience for you academically, athletically, and socially?  We can assist you in identifying options that best suit your current and future needs.